Artist Mary Ann Simmons

Artist statement:

A tilt of a head, a body in repose, a profile caught in sun and shadow compel me to grab a pen, a pencil or a paintbrush.  I can't help myself.  I have been afflicted with this passion to draw people from early childhood. It is a gift from God.

The best portraits are from life or photos you absolutely love - of life being lived - not smiling at the camera. The painting becomes a legacy that gets passed on to future generations.

The most delightful surprise for me in painting portraits has been the way they have woven me into the fabric of a family's life and their story.  



  • Loved ones - living today or some who have died
  • Athletic or academic accomplishments, hobbies and interests
  • Beauty or poignancy in someone's expression
  • Relationships that are memories to preserve, etc.

There is a significant story in every painting.

The work of a painting preoccupies until completion - always filtering through the mind, solving the next step.  It is a beckoning process and very satisfying.

Qualifications and experience:

Attended Minneapolis School of Art and Design

Undergraduate and Graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota

Owned two Fine Art Galleries in St. Cloud and Nisswa, Minnesota

Past member of Central Minnesota Watercolor Association

                        Twin Cities Watercolor Association

                        American Society of Portrait Artists

Portraits in private collections, banks, medical offices, government buildings, resorts

Illustrator of book covers

Details regarding a commissioned portrait:

Find a favorite photo, inquire through email and subsequent phone call, agree upon size, price and time deadline.